Inside Kair

Kair Bath Visor is built with science. Due to its natural physical properties, the air exerts pressure on its container’s walls evenly in all directions. The Kair Bath Visor comes with a special air-filled sealing tube, whose purpose is to evenly distribute the pressure along its length. This way, the visor is evenly sealed all around.

Moreover, the Kair Visor comes in a single size that can be used by children
of all ages, because it is designed to fit all head shapes and sizes from that of a 6-month-old baby to that of an adult. Through many years of thorough research and extensive experiments, the engineers behind the Kair Visor have optimized the shape, size and hardness of the embedded headband and sealing tube. The Kair Visor was eventually finalized with one optimal size and shape to achieve the best sealing effect.

While the visor is snuggly fitted on your child’s head to keep water, soap or shampoo away from their eyes and ears, it won’t hurt their head, because the air-filled sealing tube is made of soft silicone BPA Free rubber material.

Additionally, the air inside the tube forms an air cushion between the embedded headband and your child’s head, making the visor ultra-comfortable to wear. These materials were chosen after several types of materials were carefully studied, examined, and tested. Not only are they safe and comfortable, but they are also lightweight and durable.All of this means one thing: no matter who is wearing the Kair Bath Visor -Simply It Works!